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Couples Seminar
Couple Coherence:
Enhancing & Replenishing Intimate Relationships
Michael J. Banks, Ph.D.

Decrease the Impact
of Stress on
Your Relationship

Transform Painful Interactions into
Loving Ones

Increase Your
Positive Interactions with Your Partner

Enhance the Quality
of the Time
You Spend Together

Improve Your
Effectiveness in Dealing with Conflicts

Although they start out with love, hopes, and dreams, many relationships end in divorce. All couples have to face challenges. All relationships have ups & downs. Some couples even live parallel lives that rarely touch. However, researchers have now identified success patterns that enable couples to have relationships that not only succeed but also thrive and flourish.

The good news is that these patterns are not fixed. They can be learned. Actually, brain research shows that we can all learn to enhance these patterns. In fact, couples that have learned these patterns end up having long-term satisfying relationships. However, rather than trying to learn these patterns by trial & error, you can greatly increase the quality of your intimate relationship with systematic training and coaching.

During this 4-evening course, you will learn:

1. Strategies for changing mind-body states, which will enable you to move out of stress and negativity and into resourcefulness and creativity.
2. Approaches to understanding and influencing, which will aid you in being more effective in dealing with your partner.
3. Methods to enhance and enrich your emotional bond, which will help you to improve the quality of your relationship.

All relationships can be strengthened and made more fulfilling. This program offers you an opportunity to enhance and replenish yours.

To get additional information about this program or to set up an appointment, call (773) 262-2794, email, or see either the About Me or Contact Me page.

What other couples have said about
Couple Coherence:

•   “It reminded me to see through others’ eyes and consider their feelings.”

•   “Michael’s speaking style is very comfortable and engaging. His personal stories are very insightful.”

•   “A well done program that I believe can and will enrich my marriage.”

•   “I am more aware of spouse’s feelings and more confident in resolving conflicts with her.”

•   “Give yourself the gift of improved relationships with self, spouse, children, and others.”

•   “I am a reactive, off-the-cuff person and the training has started me on a path to where I can think through my actions prior to taking them.”

•   “This class is a valuable first step towards a ‘oneness’ with your partner. We look forward to moving towards our vision of the future.”

•   “Michael presents wonderfully. His style is inviting and non-threatening. He uses very relatable examples and his voice and demeanor are helpful in establishing ease and trust. For one who is struggling, it is difficult to not be inspired by the relationship he describes as he shares what works and what does not.”