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Mindfulness Seminar
Mindfulness-Based Skills Training:
Training Your Mind, Changing Your Brain, Transforming Your Life

Michael J. Banks, Ph.D.

Stress & Negativity
in your Life

Procrastination into

Your Positivity &
Sense of Well-Being

Enhance the
Quality of Your
Life & Relationships

Improve Your
Effectiveness in
Dealing with Others

We all have to deal with the challenges of life: difficult relationships, troubling emotions, threatening health issues, impending deadlines & stress. To make matters worse, the way we deal with these challenges can lead to more difficulties & even greater suffering.

While this may be a common experience, it doesn’t have to be yours. In fact, research on neuroscience & mindfulness-based practices shows that we can have a choice in how we deal with these challenges. Instead of simply reacting by default & making things worse; we can learn to respond mindfully &
act skillfully

During this 4-week program, you will learn how to:

•  Develop a mindfulness-based meditation practice
•  Identify & transform stress triggers in your life
•  Savor & appreciate the moments in your life
•  Create a compelling vision of your future
•  Bridge the gap between your vision & concerns

You will discover that by training your mind, you change your brain, which can transform your life. In other words, you can become the sculptor of your brain, the architect of your life.

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