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Parenting Seminar
Parenting from the Heart:
Enhancing Our Children’s Emotional & Social Intelligence
Michael J. Banks, Ph.D.

Decrease the Impact
of Stress on
Your Family Life

Transform Painful Interactions into
Loving Ones

Increase Your
Positive Interactions with Your Child

Enhance Your Child’s Emotional and Social Intelligence

Improve Your
Effectiveness in
Guiding Your Child

One of the most challenging and rewarding roles in life is that of being a parent. While wanting the very best for our children, from time to time, most of us have difficulties in dealing with them. However, researchers have now identified parenting patterns that lead to relationships that succeed, children that achieve, and families that thrive. This is not due to luck or chance. This is due to ability. This is due to emotional, social, and organizational intelligence.

The good news is that these abilities are not fixed. They can be learned. In fact, brain research shows that we can all learn to enhance these skills and abilities. However, rather than trying to learn these skills by trial & error, we can greatly increase our effectiveness as parents with systematic training and coaching.

During this 4-evening course, you will learn:
1. Strategies for dealing with your own thoughts and feelings, which will aid you in being more resourceful during stressful times.
2. Approaches to understanding and influencing others, which will lead to being more effective in dealing with your children.
3. Methods for improving and enhancing the organization of your family, which will contribute to improving the quality of your family life.

This program has improved the lives of other families; it can improve yours as well.

To get additional information about this program or to set up an appointment, call (773) 262-2794, email, or see either the About Me or Contact Me page.

What other parents have said about
Parenting from the Heart:

•    “I am so excited to get home and put into practice what we’ve learned. I truly think it will make a
difference in my life, and the lives of my kids.”

•   “Michael has so much to offer and this seminar contains so much useful life-altering information that it could be longer.”

•  “It’s amazing how transforming 4 weeks can be.”

•   “Emotional upsets are an opportunity.”

•   “It has given me techniques to deal with the inevitable stress of parenting.”
•   “My toolbox for being a better parent really increased!”

• “I could put into action a lot of ideas right away and it made a difference in our family life.”

• “I have a lot of tangible take-aways.”

• “I already find myself seeing the high road.”

• “It gave me tools to envision doing things differently.”

• “This was a great, eye-opening look at how our physical state (anger, stress, etc.) can affect our parenting and other relationships and happily, how this can be changed to result in better interactions with our children. I will use what I learned here in my everyday life. Thank you!”

• “I feel more in control of my emotional responses and have a fuller understanding of my options in different situations.”

• “I‘ve begun to change my self-image from authority figure to educator and life coach. Thank you for the opportunity to change my relationship with my son!”

• “I began using these techniques at once and found that our family dynamic improved. I also found opportunities to use them outside the home with others with a positive effect.”

• “Michael has a very kind and good-humored approach when coaching parents to use a more heart-felt process for interacting with our children.”

• “The class has given me several strategies for interacting more positively and thoughtfully with my son. It was thoughtful and compassionate. Thanks Michael for your time and the effort and care you gave.”

• “I feel better prepared to handle my kids in situations that previously got out of hand. I am better able to “center” myself and find the “better” response.”